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Join Sawbridgeworth Town Twinning and you will have the opportunity to stay for a few nights each year in Bry-sur-Marne, situated eight miles east of Paris, and/or Moosburg, fifteen miles north of Munich. 

In 1973/74 Sawbridgeworth became twinned with Bry-sur-Marne and since then visits to and from Bry have taken place each year. At the same time Sawbridgeworth was twinned with Moosburg, near Munich in Bavaria. However, the German twinning was not  'activated' until a few years ago and now both very successful groups come under the banner of Sawbridgeworth Town Twinning. Bry-sur-Marne and Moosburg are also twinned together, making it a 'three-way' Twinning. As it will be our 50th Anniversary next year (2023) we hope to be able to celebrate with both our Twinning partners.


The Sawbridgeworth Town Twinning Association is a voluntary organisation which is mainly self-financing through fundraising activities, but also receives some financial support through grants from Sawbridgeworth Town Council. Its aim is to promote friendship between the three towns and to encourage the growth of mutual understanding of social, cultural, educational and all other aspects of day-to-day living in the twinned communities. We also hold social events during the year including quiz nights, a Pétanque and Picnic afternoon, French/German Film and Buffet nights, details of which can be found under Forthcoming Events. 


You do not have to speak either French or German to join the Town Twinning Association. Membership is free and open to all residents of Sawbridgeworth. All you need is some joie de vivre, a little je ne sais quoi, a dash of adventure, a willingness to experience a different way of life and a commitment to having fun.

Visits take place each year, alternating between Bry-sur-Marne/Moosburg and Sawbridgeworth, and include time spent with a host family together with an excursion and an informal dinner. Excursions from Bry have included Paris, Versailles, boat trips and dinner on the Seine, Reims, Epernay and various castles. Moosburg visits have included Munich, Neuschwanstein, the Danube Gorge and Regensburg. We also encourage young people to take part in activities connected with our twinned towns, for example musical concerts. If you are interested in hosting or would like more information on the Town Twinning Association and its activities, please contact Sally Pribul or David Royle. Email:

Click here to see our Constitution. 

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